“If you do things with your soul, there is no way to be wrong." – Introducing Alex Pineda, CCO of TBWA\Helsinki

Multiple Cannes winner and driving force of TBWA\RAAD, one of the most awarded
agencies in TBWA’s collective, Alex Pineda has been appointed Chief Creative
Officer of TBWA\Helsinki. Starting from September 2023 Pineda is committed in
pushing the Finnish industry to world class.


Alex Pineda started as CCO of TBWA\Helsinki in September, 2023.

Pineda will steer the agency’s creative work together with eCD Laura Paikkari and
actively challenge the status quo and push for even more iconic client work.

There probably wasn't a single person in Freda who didn't get excited when the rumors started spreading, that Alex Pineda was coming to TBWA\Helsinki. One of the most creative minds in the business, Alex has won over 240 creativity awards, including the most prestigious awards in Cannes and Cresta. What's there not to get excited about?

Now the day is finally here, and Alex has arrived in Helsinki. So we wanted to sit down with Alex right away and give him the opportunity to introduce himself.


Hello! Great to have you finally here. Let's start with the basics. What’s your name and your title?
Hello, my name is Alex Pineda and my title here is Chief Creative Officer.

Tell me a little about your professional background and experience?
I'm from Columbia and my professional background is in graphic design and advertising. I worked in my home country for around four years, then I moved to Dubai. I was working in Dubai for the last decade and right now I am joining TBWA here in Helsinki. I had the opportunity to work for clients like Nissan for the Middle East, Kentucky Fried Chicken, the Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi, Maliza foundation that helps fight violence against women and Connect, which is a telecom in Lebanon.

You've been part of multiple award-winning campaigns. But can you name a favorite – any one campaign that for you stands out from the rest?
I would say that my favorite and most important project is all the work that we did for the Louvre in Abu Dhabi, especially the Highway Gallery campaign.

What about outside of work, how do you enjoy your free time?
I love football, watching football and playing football. I love comic books and I am actually drawing my own comic book as well. And as you know I am from Colombia so I like music, I like parties and I like sharing good times with friends

Did you ever have a dream of becoming a professional football player?
You won’t believe it but actually I am doing my dream career. When I was a kid and I was watching TV, or watching movies, I always found the ads between TV shows more interesting than the TV shows themselves. Even though I was a kid and I didn’t understand exactly what was happening, I was always thinking - I want to do this, I want to do these TV ads that I was seeing on the screen.

You came here from Dubai. How do you like Finland so far?
I love Finland, it was kind of like a dream to be living in an European country. I have been to many places and I had the opportunity to visit Finland before, and I think I like it so far. Ask me the same question in the middle of the winter, hopefully it will be the same answer.

What about TBWA\Helsinki? Are you feeling excited?
I am super excited, I wanted to start right now. It was quite a journey coming from Dubai to here, but right now I just feel like this is the place I really want to be in and I am completely ready to make nice stuff and make things happen here in Finland.

You have so much experience from different countries and agencies. What advice would you give to a newbie in advertising?
I think the most important advice I can say to someone in advertising or in creativity is to be curious, always look for new ideas, never stop, keep the motivation, keep the hunger. And the most important thing is to make the ideas happen, make the ideas come true.

Last question. If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
Time travelling for sure. Everything else in life you can get back but time.



Campaigns by Alex Pineda:



HIGHWAY GALLERY: Transforming a boring commute through the desert into a journey of human creation.




PEACE CAMO: Turning an icon of war into a symbol of peace.




SHIFT KFC: A cheat code for hunger, inspired by gaming culture and enjoyed by chicken lovers.




CAMEL POWER: Local idea, global scale: a new unit to measure desert performance.




THE MACABRE  DICTIONARY OF VIRGINITY: Redefining the concepts that oppress women.